Park Rules



Welcome to Mobile Manor Mobile Home RV Park, these rules are an integral part of your rental agreement with the Park. Your initials on this form acknowledges receipt of a complete copy of these rules as required by Kansas law.

Please keep this copy of rules for future reference


            These rules have been adopted for the benefit of all tenants.

You are responsible to inform all guests and visitors of park rules, and are responsible for their compliance.




*All initial rent must be paid in advance.

*Rent and utilities are due on or before the 5th of each month.

*A late fee of $25 will be assessed for unpaid rent beginning the 6th of the month.

*Any account not current by the 10th of each month will incur an additional $25 late fee.

*All monies received will first be applied to late fees then lot rent

*Office Hours are posted at the office.

*A drop box is provided at the office for rent payment. Park address and lot number must be on the check or money order to ensure proper credit.

*A $30 fee will be assessed for any insufficient funds check, in addition to any late fees. Repayment must be made within three days.

*Rent will not be prorated at time of departure.



    *A deposit is required.

    *Deposit will be returned if the following conditions have been met:

           1. The lot is left clean, with grass mowed and trimmed

           2. Mobile home anchors removed

           3. Lot rent current

           4. 30 day written notice of intent to vacate is received by park manager



    *Use lot numbers with your mailing address.  Your address is:

    2014 or 2206 W Macarthur, Lot #____, Wichita, Kansas 67217

    *Contact the Wichita Chisholm Post Office for mailbox location and key information



    *Storm Shelters are located in each park and will be unlocked if severe weather is predicted

    *Pets are not allowed in storm shelter unless tornado is imminent

    *Owners are responsible for pet and pet's actions



    *Failure to follow pet rules will be grounds for removal of the pet or eviction of the resident.

    *Current non-aggressive pets will be grandfathered

    *No more than 2 pets will be allowed per household.

    *No exotic pets, all pets must be approved by management


    *All dogs must be visually inspected and approved by park management.

    *Dogs cannot be allowed to bark excessively.

    *Dogs are to be walked in designated areas with owners responsible for cleaning up after the pet.

    *Dogs must wear tag identifying current ownership and vaccination information.

    *Aggressive dogs will NOT be tolerated. No vicious breeds allowed. ( Pitbull, Rottweiler, Akita, Doberman)

    *Dogs shall be under 20#’s at maturity.

    *Dogs cannot be left outside for any extended amount of time, and must be supervised.

    *No outside dog houses or shelters are permitted.



    *Are restricted to house cats only; cats outside without collar and tag will be removed from the Park.

    *Must wear tag identifying current ownership and vaccination information.



    *Vehicles must be licensed and fully operational, properly painted, and in good repair.

    *Park only in designated concrete areas or on the street, do not park any vehicles on grassy areas of the lot.

    *Use the street for temporary car parking only.

    *Observe the 10-MPH speed limit on all park streets

    *Loud car stereos are not allowed.

    *No reckless driving or behavior will be tolerated.

    *Check with park manager about where boats, jet skis, trailers, etc. can be parked.

    *No vehicle repairs, other than routine maintenance, such as oil changes, tune-up or tire repairs will be allowed.

    *Inoperable vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.

    *Do not drain oil from cars onto any area of your lot or the park.

    *Wrecked, dismantled, inoperative, and junk vehicles will not be permitted.

    *No dirt bikes, dune buggies, go-carts, all-terrain or other such motorized vehicles will be allowed in the park.

    *Recreational Vehicles, boats, jet skis, campers, trailers cannot be parked or stored on the lot. Talk with park management on location for storing such items.



    *Lots must be maintained in a clean and orderly manner.

    *Excess items must be stored out of sight of other tenants in an approved wood or metal storage shed.

    *All sheds shall have prior Management approval. NO storage of items will be allowed under trailers.  Management may remove any tangible personal property found in violation of this rule and assess the cost of doing so to the tenant as additional rent. Failure to pay the additional charge may subject the tenant to eviction.

    *Outside furniture must be designed for that purpose and in good condition.

    *Tenants are responsible for their own yard maintenance.  A $15 fee will be assessed if the Park has to mow due to grass in excess of 6”.

    *No clotheslines are allowed.

    *Maximum of 18” Satellite dish allowed.

    *Contact the office for approval before digging on lot.

    *Pre-approval must be obtained from the office before adding a storage shed (maximum of 8’ x 10’), fencing, carport, or major plantings.

    *Fencing will be 3 foot tall chainlink with galvanized top rail and poles and installed in a professional manner. Gates will be a minimum of 36" wide. Management approval must be obtained prior to install.

    *No Swimming Pools will be allowed.

    *Current fences, plantings, doghouses, and sheds will be grandfathered




    *Permanent tenants must block and anchor homes in compliance with city codes.

    *Homes must have standard vinyl mobile home skirting installed within 30 days of occupancy, and a door must be installed in the skirting within 36” of the water and sewer connections to allow for easy and quick access to such.

    *Water lines must be protected from freezing, by using heat tape and insulation.  If the riser freezes due to ineffective heat tape and insulation or lack thereof, the park will hold you responsible for any damage.  Do not leave water running as a means of keeping pipes unfrozen, this can cause potential damage to your trailer when/if the sewer lines freeze.

    *Sheds, decks and carports must be kept painted or stained and in good repair.

    *Use standard window treatments only, no Blankets, aluminum foil or other non-standard window treatment will be allowed.



*One trash cart will be furnished per lot, trash pickup is free.

*Store trash cart out of site, in the back half of your lot.

*Move trash cart to the edge of the street on the designated trash collection day by 6:30AM and return to your lot that evening.

*Do not place tires, paint, oil, batteries or hazardous materials in the trash cart. Click here for disposing of these items.

*Extra charge will be assessed for excess trash that does not fit in the cart provided.



*Swimming pool

       For Park Tenants and their guests only,guests must be accompanied by tenant

       Pool parties will not be allowed

       No alcohol allowed in pool area

       No glass containers allowed in the pool area

       Pool hours and days of operation will be posted at the pool

       All children under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult

*Play areas

       For children only

       Storm shelters are not a play area



    Watch for children at play as you drive through the park.


    *Children must be supervised by parents at all times.

    *Parents will be held responsible for the actions of their children.

    *Acts of vandalism to park property will be paid for by parent/tenant.

    *No hard balls of any kind, baseballs and bats, or golf equipment will be allowed on or near tenant property.

    *Fireworks are not allowed at any time.

    *No weapons of any kind are allowed.  This includes, but is not limited to, BB or pellet guns/rifles.



    *No loud noises will be tolerated.

    *No drunkenness, illegal drug use or sales, rowdy behavior, loud music, loud late night parties, or other such disturbances will be tolerated.

    *No fireworks are allowed.

    *No loud car stereo music is allowed.

    *No loud motorcycles, go-carts, all terrain vehicles, etc. will be tolerated.

    *Any resident or guest of a tenant who causes a disturbance that necessitates the law enforcement officials to be called to the scene of our park must appear at the office the next day with a written explanation.



    *Any sale of a home to a buyer who intends to remain in the park must be preapproved by management.

    *Rent must be paid before the home can be removed from the park.

    *Rental agreements, lease-purchase, or similar arrangements are not allowed without approval of management.

    *If the home is to be removed from the park, 30 day notice must be given and all rents current.



    *The Park Owner or Manager may evict a resident for any of the following reasons.

    *Non Payment of lot rent

    *Conviction of a violation of a federal, state or local ordinance which is detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the park.

    *Violation of a park rule or regulation, the rental agreement or K.S.A. 58-25,114.

    *A change in the use of land comprising the mobile home park or portion thereof.

    *Failure of a purchaser of a mobile home situated within the park to be qualified and obtain approval to become a tenant, such approval being required by the Rules and Regulations attached hereto.



    *NO profanity or aggression will be tolerated towards park personnel. Doing so will be cause for immediate eviction.

    *Check the message box, next to the office door, for messages.

    *Compliance with annual registration law is required.

    *Compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations is required of all tenants and their guests, family members and invitees.

    *No solicitation is allowed.

    *Trash service is included in the water/sewer/trash surcharge, please use the receptacles provided.


Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the park, it’s owners, managers, agents, employees, shareholders, officers, directors and member from and against any and all damages arising in any way, directly or indirectly, contingently or otherwise, from tenant’s use or occupancy of park property.

These rules and regulations were designed to assure an attractive, desirable living environment for all.  The rules and regulations may be changed to suit the changing needs of tenants and management.

No delay or failure by management in exercising or enforcing any right under the lease rules shall constitute a waiver of that or any other right.

I have read and agree to comply with the above rules and regulations.  I also understand that my family and guests are also required to comply with the park rules:


Tenant:  _________________________              Date: ___________


Joint Tenant: _____________________              Date: ___________